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Re: [Catacomb] [PROPOSAL] Catacomb joining Apache

Jim Whitehead wrote:
Yes, I believe that UCSC would be the original copyright holder.

That's my understanding as well. I had a discussion concerning open source software copyrights with UCSC's chief IP person in early January, and he is very much open to freeing the IP for open source projects (i.e., he "gets it" when it comes to open source).  That said, there is still some work that needs to be done to ensure that there is a written statement about the copyright on the code.

I can take on this task, though it will likely not be very fast.

Just to keep the ball rolling (as much as time permits... crazy period here), I'm waiting for some news on this side before drafting a proposal, since the legal issues are a very important part of the document.

IMO, we should certainly work on all other issues related to getting Catacomb ready to join ASF, including changing our documentation, and developing the application materials.

True. I'm willing to help here (we could also start using some Apache-friendly documentation system such as Forrest of Anakia): just in case, should I send patches or is my commit access issue being sorted out? I'm also somehow eager to commit the (updated) ODBC stuff...


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