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[Catacomb]Catacomb fix and a question.

I have tried to make my Catacomb 0.9.0 versioning capable, but I found some critical bugs. Some I fixed, but I need some help, because I do not know how to debug it I saw DBG calls, but I am not familiar with them.
Now what I have done:
I uncommented the line for auto versioning(as I understand):
static dav_auto_version dav_repos_auto_versionable(const dav_resource *resource)


    /*## FIXME :
      1. checkout
      2. proppatch (try to checkout/proppatch/checkin)
      3. checkin <- fail

so it looks like this and than I found out that the temporary table can not be created an I fixed:
--- dbms.c      2004-02-14 12:34:39.000000000 +0100
+++ dbms.c.orig 2004-02-14 12:24:19.000000000 +0100
@@ -2279,22 +2279,22 @@
    q = dbms_prepare(pool, &(db->db),
                       "CREATE temporary table tmp_resforvcr "
                       "SELECT serialno, "
-                       "?+0+0 AS version,"
+                       "?+0+0,"
-                       "? AS creationdate,"
+                       "?,"
-                       "null AS getetag," /* For getetag */
-                       "?+0 AS getlastmodified,"
+                       "null," /* For getetag */
+                       "?+0,"
                       "istext, "
                       "textcontent, "
                       "bincontent, "
-                       "'' AS author "
+                       "'' "
                       "FROM dasl_resource "
                       "WHERE serialno=?");
    dbms_set_int(q, 1, version);

Now I still have a problem that says:
[Sat Feb 14 12:38:16 2004] [error] Query to execute: DELETE FROM dasl_resource WHERE serialno=2 [Sat Feb 14 12:38:16 2004] [error] Query to execute: DELETE FROM dasl_resource WHERE serialno=2 [Sat Feb 14 12:38:16 2004] [error] [client] Unable to PUT new contents for /library/form.html. [403, #0] [Sat Feb 14 12:38:16 2004] [error] [client] (13)Permission denied: Unable to open file for write [500, #0] [Sat Feb 14 12:38:16 2004] [error] Query to execute: SELECT serialno,creationdate,displayname,getcontentlanguage,getcontentlength,getconten ttype,getetag,getlastmodified,resourcetype,source,depth,istext, isexternal, isversioned, checkin, checkout From dasl_resource Where URI='/l

and I do not know where the file should be created and why should it be created.
My other instalation that does not have the changes stores normaly.
If you can explain to me what to set to debug I saw in the code that tne path for the file is written to debug. Or you can tell me that I have misconfigured instalation and the Catacomb realy does not have permisions to write to disk.

Kind regards, Miha Setina