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[Catacomb] Can anyone confirm versioning working?

Hi I send A fix that would make the procedure of versioning work, but I got no answer yet. My question is: Is anyone interested in a working version of Catacomb with versioning support, that you claim is working?
I have found another obstacle for auto versioning working in Catacomb:
The isversioned flag is set before the DASL resource actualy exists (mod_dav calls autocheckout before open_stream) and the versioned resource and versioned properties are trying to copy a nonexistant resource (serialnumber == 0).

I am trying to fix this, but I will need some time to come up with a good plan. Right now the only plan is to make a HACK in the dbms_close_stream and call dbms_set_isversioned and dbms_create_vr after the file is imported into the dasl_resource table.
As I said it is a HACK because it does not go the natural way.