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Re: [Catacomb] Can anyone confirm versioning working?

Hi Miha,

Thanks for your interest in Catacomb and your enthusiasm in helping us to address some of the existing bugs. I've addressed your comments inline below...

Miha Setina wrote:
Hi I send A fix that would make the procedure of versioning work, but I got no answer yet.

Please do allow more than one day for patches to be reviewed... :-) I have looked at the patch you sent but am not as familliar with the versioning code as others in the project. While I don't see any immediate / obvious problems with the patch, I cannot tell for certain if the changes interfere with some other aspect of resource versioning. Sung and Kai, would you also please review Miha's patch at your earliest convenience?

My question is: Is anyone interested in a working version of Catacomb with versioning support, that you claim is working?

Yes, of course! My understanding is that the basic versioning functionality is working, but the autoversioning still needs some work. There are some subtle aspects of this feature which require careful attention to detail to be implemented correctly. Sung and Kai have spearheaded this work and I'm sure would welcome any help that is offered. :-)

I have found another obstacle for auto versioning working in Catacomb:
The isversioned flag is set before the DASL resource actualy exists [...]

Gah, that is likely no good...

I am trying to fix this, but I will need some time to come up with a good plan. Right now the only plan is to make a HACK in the dbms_close_stream and call dbms_set_isversioned and dbms_create_vr after the file is imported into the dasl_resource table.
As I said it is a HACK because it does not go the natural way.

Yes, probably not the cleanest way to handle the situation. However, I am not really sure what the best option would be to address this. Anyone else care to share their ideas / comments?

I've entered this defect into Bugzilla [1] so we don't lose the issue...


[1] http://dav.cse.ucsc.edu/bugzilla/