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[Catacomb] RE: Catacomb run-time problem

In follow-up to my own post, I discovered that a process was crashing, so
downloaded an earlier version of Apache (2.0.50) and recompiled against it.
One trying to run Apache now I get an undefined symbol error on "compress"
from within the dav_repos module. Any ideas there?

To allow me to progress, I defined a dummy method, and these two things
combined have stopped the crash. However, I now get a "mySQL server has gone
away" in the error log. It actually has not (uptime is still ticking onwards
quite happily) and I can connect using the mysql client application and the
test application.

Did a search on the mySQL website and tried increasing the
max_allowed_packet but this made no difference.

Any ideas? The error I now see on cadaver is

Could not access /repos/ (not WebDAV-enabled?):
207 Multi-Status

but based on the contents of the httpd error-log I guess this is incorrect.
It looks like it is trying to access repos but failing.


Thanks, Graham

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Date: Thu, 14 Oct 2004 19:03:17 +0100
From: Stuart_Graham@emc.com
Subject: [Catacomb] Catacomb run-time problem
To: catacomb@webdav.org
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Hi there - I have Apache 2.0.50, MySQL-server-4.0.21-0,
MySQL-client-4.0.21-0 and Catacomb-0.9.0 installed. The Catacomb module is
added to my httpd.conf and httpd start works correctly. Server-status shows
Catacomb as installed.


However, I get the following error when I attempt to access the catacomb


Could not contact server:

Could not read status line: connection was closed by server.


Does anyone have an idea of what my problem could be?


I compiled and ran the small test program in one of the archive posts to
verify the mySQL installation and it reports Success. Tables are created and
populated as per the HOWTO.


Thanks in advance,