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Re: [Catacomb] DavDBMSFileDir

2005-03-11 kl. 10.18 skrev FABRE Nicolas:

Ok thank you !
If i understand well, all ressources which have a reference in the DB will have their content stored at the same /path/to/storage/directory ..

yes, in a hash structure based on the db serialno of the resourse.

Isn't it possibble to specify a different storage path for each ressource ?
I'm a bit dreamer on Fridays :)

It might be possible, but I haven't found out how (and I would guess that it isn't possible - yet)

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De : CH [mailto:chr@solvare.net]
Envoyé : vendredi 11 mars 2005 09:37
À : FABRE Nicolas
Objet : Re: [Catacomb] DavDBMSFileDir

2005-03-10 kl. 17.51 skrev FABRE Nicolas:

Could you explain me more about DavDBMSFileDir ?
Is it used to store ressource content outise the DB, for example
anywhere on a filesystem ?
If so, how can I configure it ?

DavDBMSFileDir /path/to/storage/directory

and /path/to/storage/directory should be writable by the apache uid

Christian Huldt
tel: +46-8-616 83 07
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Christian Huldt
tel: +46-8-616 83 07
mobil: +46-704 61 22 07