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[Catacomb] how to modify catacomb ?


I will have to modify some parts of catacomb for my own use (well for my boss in fact).

I’m not a real good C coder, I don’t see how I will be able to modify source code and then test it, as catacomb is not an executable-programm but an apache module.


I think the only way to test what I do is to re-build catacomb each time I make a change I want to test, and then test my catacomb server as usual.

Am I right ?


My work is quite big, I have to change the dav_repos_resource structure because I wont have URI’s in my DB anymore !

Uri’s will be generated dynamically from keywords in tables…


My files hierarchy will be :


Keyword 1/keyword 2/…/keyword n/object 1

Keyword 1/keyword 2/…/keyword n/object 2

( … )

Keyword 1/keyword 2/…/keyword n/object n


I will have objects in one table, keywords in another table.


Resources contents won’t ever be stored in the resource table, but only the path to the real content.


Quite a big work as you can see, don’t even know where to start !


Any help would be appreciated !