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Re: [Catacomb] strange thing

FABRE Nicolas wrote:

[...] Sometimes, when I click on a folder for example http://myserver/root/COLOR/red/AGE/old/SIZE I get an error. When I look at the error log, I can see that the url which has been passed to my program is :

http://myserver/root/COLOR/red/AGE/old/SIZE\x9c\xf2\x10\b8\xcf\x1f\b\x88\xd0\x1f\b <http://myserver/root/COLOR/red/AGE/old/SIZE/x9c/xf2/x10/b8/xcf/x1f/b/x88/xd0/x1f/b> [...]

This appears to be a munged string of hex values...? If you decode it, I wouldn't be surprised if it mapped to a resource in your SIZE collection. I haven't seen this sort of thing before, have you changed any / much code related to the construction of URLs?