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Re: [Catacomb] the SEARCH method

FABRE Nicolas wrote:

I use linux server and both linux/windows clients.
Ahh, okay, thanks.

I plan to modify skunkdav source code, which is a windows java-written webdav client. Maybe i could add him the SEARCH method, using jakarta slide API, but I'm still a beginner with java, and i don't know how hard this work is...

Oh yes, sorry that I forgot about SkunkDav. As far as I know, the SkunkDav codebase has not been touched for over a year, when I added a bunch of JavaDocs to the package. Prior to that, it hadn't been updated for some time and, as a result, is somewhat out of sync with both the current version of the DASL specification and the latest version of Java. I would recommend using the Slide client API - it is actively maintained and more current than SkunkDav in several ways.

If i manage to write something correct, i will publish it.
That would be most appreciated!   :-)