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Re: [Catacomb] ODBC-patch for Catacomb

Well, it seems as if Catacomb development pretty much ceased around that timeframe. There also was a move of the source archive to tigris.org in progress, which was
never finalized (the webpage is up, but no source there...)
CVS is also no longer running on webdav.org. The old archives are still accessible through the web via viewcvs, but everything was supposed to have been converted to SVN. I don't have an URL for the SVN archive, though, and I don't
know if everything was converted, anyway.

It's a shame that Catacomb seems to be abandoned. I remember hot debates about moving towards Apache.org. There seemed to be some licencing issues in the way. When the alternative is to let Catacomb fade away, it should be better to adapt any licence to keep it alive - IMO.

Do you think Apache.org would still be interested in adopting Catacomb?
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