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Re: [Catacomb] ODBC-patch for Catacomb

Hi Petri,

Catacomb project is not quite abandoned, yet. :-) We are still in the
middle of moving the project to Tigris. I'll try to set it up in few
weeks and let you know.


On 10/27/05, Petri Riihikallio <petri.riihikallio@metis.fi> wrote:
> > Well, it seems as if Catacomb development pretty much ceased around
> > that timeframe.
> > There also was a move of the source archive to tigris.org in
> > progress, which was
> > never finalized (the webpage is up, but no source there...)
> > CVS is also no longer running on webdav.org. The old archives are
> > still
> > accessible through the web via viewcvs, but everything was supposed
> > to have been
> > converted to SVN. I don't have an URL for the SVN archive, though,
> > and I don't
> > know if everything was converted, anyway.
> It's a shame that Catacomb seems to be abandoned. I remember hot
> debates about moving towards Apache.org. There seemed to be some
> licencing issues in the way. When the alternative is to let Catacomb
> fade away, it should be better to adapt any licence to keep it alive
> - IMO.
> Do you think Apache.org would still be interested in adopting Catacomb?
> --
> Cheers
> Petri
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