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Re: [Catacomb] Catacomb enhancements - requirements

On Feb 2, 2006, at 2:43 AM, Joachim Feise wrote:

[Resent with different email address]
There have been previous attempts to locate this patch, but so far unsuccessful.

I sent the ODBC patch to the list an hour ago, but didn't get through. I suspect it's held in moderation queue: can someone retrieve it from there?


Gianugo Rabellino


Markus Litz wrote on 02/01/06 08:57:


where can i find the ODBC patch? You are right that everybody will be more
happy if that whole packet works with ODBC-support.
I only found dead links to the patch, if you have a recent one please post it


Am Samstag, 28. Januar 2006 11:21 schrieb Petri Riihikallio:
Good news that somebody has time to work on Catacomb!

One of the last posts before the long silence was Ricardo Rocha's
announcement about an ODBC patch to Catacomb. It didn't make it to
the official sources, but it wasn't rejected either. I believe
everybody would benefit if Catacomb wouldn't be tied to MySQL only
but could use any back-end available.

If possible, could you try to code your extensions to be at least
compatible with the ODBC patch? The best solution would be that the
ODBC patch were included in the official release, but that requires
reviewing and testing the code.

This is just a humble personal wish. I am sorry, but I don't have
time to contribute at the moment. I do hope I can start my planned
project on Catacomb soon, but I have been hoping that for a year :o(

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