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[Catacomb] ACL Testserver


i set up a live server for testing with the actual development version of 
catacomb. It support basic acl functionality and is good for playing around 
and testing.

You could simply test by unsing either the jakarta-slide webdav commandline 
client (http://jakarta.apache.org/slide/webdav-client.html) or the 
WebDAVPilot extention for eclipse 

You could use the recent version of the DAVExplorer as well, but it has a bug 
so setting a ACL/ACE is not possible. 

The testserver could be found at: http://www.sonnensturm.net:8888

The ACL support is far away from beeing stable/complete, but if you found 
something strange or simple have an idea, please comment in this mailing 


btw: many thank to  Artem Lantsev, he had made some really great ideas for a 
acl implementation!