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[Catacomb] ODBC patch (was Re: Subversion dump of the repository)


On Thursday 11 May 2006 16:49, Tim Olsen wrote:
> > - a created a branch for the odbc version of catacomb 0.9.0. The code was
> > lost a long time so i decided to keep it there available.
> This is probably peripheral to the import.  But I am a little
> confused.  Are you saying that the code on this branch is in the dump
> or the code is lost?

The code for the patch was lost in cyberspace. Someone still had the code 
still on his computer and passed it on to Markus. So it was inserted into the 
code base on a branch, which can be found in the SVN dump.

If someone would feel the urge of starting to work on the ODBCed Catacomb, 
that would be a good starting point. Unfortunately it would've meant lots of 
work to get it up to the current state, and it was not very "developer 
friendly" (uses unbelievable amounts of compiler macros instead of "real" 
code), so we decided against that version in favor of the MySQL-only version.

At least the code is not lost anymore, but accessible for futher generations 
of young and enthusiastic DB developers.


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