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AW: [Catacomb] ODBC patch (was Re: Subversion dump of the repository)

That's quit an interesting idea. I think i could have many advantages, Mainly the installation would be much more easy because the installation of unix-odbc or iodbc could be a pain in the ass on some systems and mod_dbd is one of the standard modules.


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An: Kloß, Guy Kristoffer
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Betreff: Re: [Catacomb] ODBC patch (was Re: Subversion dump of the repository)
Apache 2.2 has a mod_dbd module that allows you to plugin a driver
specific to a database.  Maybe odbc would not be necessary if catacomb
were to be ported to use mod_dbd?


On 5/11/06, Guy K. Kloss <Guy.Kloss@dlr.de> wrote:
> Hi,
> On Thursday 11 May 2006 16:49, Tim Olsen wrote:
> > > - a created a branch for the odbc version of catacomb 0.9.0. The code was
> > > lost a long time so i decided to keep it there available.
> >
> > This is probably peripheral to the import. But I am a little
> > confused. Are you saying that the code on this branch is in the dump
> > or the code is lost?
> The code for the patch was lost in cyberspace. Someone still had the code
> still on his computer and passed it on to Markus. So it was inserted into the
> code base on a branch, which can be found in the SVN dump.
> If someone would feel the urge of starting to work on the ODBCed Catacomb,
> that would be a good starting point. Unfortunately it would've meant lots of
> work to get it up to the current state, and it was not very "developer
> friendly" (uses unbelievable amounts of compiler macros instead of "real"
> code), so we decided against that version in favor of the MySQL-only version.
> At least the code is not lost anymore, but accessible for futher generations
> of young and enthusiastic DB developers.
> Guy
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