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[Catacomb] Re: Reg: Convert "catacomb" project from CVS to SVN on tigris.org [ ref:00D3ZGZ.500323VlR:ref ]

[CCing the catacomb mailing list]

any idea when this may be completed?


On 5/13/06, Tim Olsen <tolsen718@gmail.com> wrote:
On 5/12/06, Brian Behlendorf <brian@collab.net> wrote:
> Tim, could you help answer some of these questions for our support team?
> Please keep "cnsupport" in the To: field, and with the above exact Subject
> line so they can track it accurately.
> On Fri, 12 May 2006, CollabNet Technical Support wrote:
> > 5. Customer's Preferred Time Frame for Service:
> Tim: I'm assuming your time frame is "ASAP"?  We'll give you a heads-up
> before the work is actually to be performed.

yes, ASAP please.

> >                     2. Tim Olsen, tolsen718@tigris.org
> Could you provide a phone #, just in case?
347 224-9659

> > 2. Are there any non-ascii characters in any directory structures,
> > filenames, or meta-data? If so, list the encodings used within the
> > repository.
> Tim, any guesses?

It appears to be all ascii.  Opening the file in emacs doesn't bring
up any warnings about non-ascii characters.

> > 3. What is the size of the repository?
> It's about 1.1 megabytes.

That's the size compressed with bzip2.  Uncompressed size is 13.2 megs.

> > 4. How many files are in the repository?
> Tim, got a quick count of how many are in your dumpfile?

506 in the whole repository.  61 just in trunk.

> > 5. Name of the project the repository is to be imported into. For CVS
> > imports into existing projects which contain data already, the name of
> > the directory in the project repository where the files go.
> This would be "catacomb", I assume?

yes, catacomb

> > 6. If this is an SVN import, does the customer want option A or B?
> >     Option A
> >
> > (FYI: Option A: CollabNet will create a top level directory and import
> > the dump file into that directory. The customer may then use SVN
> > commands to move the directories up a level, as desired. This preserves
> > the built-in CEE repository structure.
> > Option B: CollabNet will delete the existing CEE repository structure
> > (the customer will lose any files in the "www," or Web area of the
> > project, as well as any existing ALM templates and structure), and will
> > import the SVN Dump file as-is.)
> Jeeva - I guess the best way to phrase this is that we want to convert the
> existing project to SVN, so that the web content there today will live
> under /trunk/www (as is standard in all CEE hosted projects), and the new
> svndump will import into other directories on top of that.
> Tim, make sense?

yes, I would like trunk, branches, tags up top; and move www into trunk



>         Brian