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[Catacomb] Fwd: [Issue 181] Convert project "catacomb" from CVS to SVN using external dumpfile

It's done :-)

I assume the repository is now out of date by a month.  What should we
do about getting it up to date?  open another ticket? I think SVK may
be able to replay commits.  If it's not too much trouble, maybe Markus
could do that?


---------- Forwarded message ----------
From: brian@tigris.org <brian@tigris.org>
Date: 2 Jun 2006 12:01:13 -0000
Subject: [Issue 181]  Convert project "catacomb" from CVS to SVN using
external dumpfile
To: tolsen718@tigris.org


User brian changed the following:

               What    |Old value                 |New value
                 Status|NEW                       |RESOLVED
             Resolution|                          |FIXED

------- Additional comments from brian@tigris.org Fri Jun  2 05:01:12
-0700 2006 -------
OK, the conversion has now been done.  You should see a "Subversion" link in the
left-hand nav, and be able to check out a working copy following the
instructions on that page.

Note that because we needed to preserve the existing web content, the load-in
placed all the trunk, tag, and branches folders from your dumpfile into a
subdirectory, under /trunk/catacombsvn/ rather than at the root, /.  For sake of
clarity you probably want to move the contents of those folders up two levels,
e.g. moving /trunk/catacombsvn/tags/rel-0-6-0/ to /tags/rel-0-6-0/.

Resolving as fixed since the switch looks successful; feel free to verify or
re-open if you find new issues.