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AW: [Catacomb] Re: mod_dav version in source?

it is a branch from Apache 2.0.49 with the modifications for access control protocol - that this branch is in the trunk directory now is a mistake, i'll move it to the acl branch.


Von: catacomb-bounces@webdav.org im Auftrag von Tim Olsen
Gesendet: Do 15.06.2006 09:26
An: catacomb@webdav.org
Betreff: [Catacomb] Re: mod_dav version in source?

correction: I now think the mod_dav code was branched from Apache
2.0.49.  Markus, can you confirm?


On 6/13/06, Tim Olsen <tolsen718@gmail.com> wrote:
> I've deduced that the mod_dav code in the catacomb repository is a
> branch off of version 2.0.53 of the Apache 2.0 mod_dav code--but that
> release was made on Feb. 5th, 2005.  Is this correct?
> I'm currently making vendor branches for the apache 2.0 mod_dav code
> in Paritosh's and my copy of the catacomb source code repository.  I
> think it might be a good idea to make vendor branches in the official
> catacomb repository.  They will facilitate upgrading of the mod_dav
> code.
> -Tim
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