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[Catacomb] Re: create user account in mod_dav and Catacomb


Am Dienstag, 22. August 2006 19:16 schrieben Sie:
> > With Apache and catacomb you can use a MySQL table for authentification,
> > for
> > example with mod_auth_mysql.
> > At this time, you will have to put the users in the catacomb table by
> > hand (same with the group allocation).
> > I'm working on a dynamical account insertion in catacomb, but the is
> > nothing
> > yet.
> That's fine for us to add the users by hand, but how can we take advantages
> of ACL here? For example I use mod_auth_mysql, I will have 2 tables (user
> and group tables), and I want, for example, a specific user has "write"
> permission on a specific Catacomb resource, how can I do that? Do we need 2
> more tablse for mod_auth_mysql authentication, or we can use the Catacomb
> tables?

In mod_auth_mysql you need only one table for username/password. 
In Catacomb then there are is a table for group-maping, and some spezial acl 
related tables. Jst take a look at the "table.sql" in the acl-branch on the 
subversion server at tigris.

> I see you've set up ACL on testing server www.sonnensturm.net:8888/repos1
> Do you have script to add the user/group and role to Catacomb table? Or
> could you guide me how to enter the user name + role + ACL previleges into
> the tables so that we can apply ACL?

in the "data.sql" in the acl-branch you could see an example how groups and 
users will be created at this time!

I hope tis could help you!